Consulting Services
Companies like yours are regularly confronted with the growing challenges and the introduction of new technologies. They often become overwhelmed with the available choices, and lack the ability to make prudent technology decisions. Our objective is to become your technology partner, to point you in the right direction, and harness current technologies to serve your business with a keen outlook for future technical developments.           
  • LAN/WAN/ISP Network Design - Design your single and multi-office computer network and the connections to the Internet
  • Server Solutions - Turn-key network servers based on Windows NT and Novell NetWare
  • Application Servers - Implement medium and large scale application servers based on Citrix Winframe; Microsoft
  • BackOffice - Exchange; SQL; Internet Information Server; Proxy Server; Novell GroupWise; etc.
  • Communication Servers - Implement Internet and Intranet servers, and remote communications using Broadband communication technologies such as DSL, Cable-Modem as well as legacy technologies such as ISDN; Frame Relay; and T1 communications networks
  • Fax Servers - Implement inbound and outbound faxing solutions
  • Fault Tolerance - Implement fault tolerant networks using RAID systems, stand-by servers and tape backup systems
  • IT Professional Services:
    • Technology Planning and Design
    • Network Relocation Services
    • Cabling and wiring closet installation that meet your current and future needs
    • Capacity planning using appropriate hubs, switches, routers and other networking equipment
  • Web site design
  • Security planning, firewall installation and configuration